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Technology working group
In Workpackage 5 of TAPE, a small number of technical experts is working as a liaison between technological research and practical training. The group primarily studies the application of technology to ensure continued access to audiovisual collections, with an emphasis on practical solutions.

More particularly, the high-tech large-scale solutions being developed in broadcasting are reviewed to see whether they meet requirements of the heritage sector. Because of the diversity of media that characterizes mixed cultural collections low-cost small-scale solutions may offer viable alternatives.

The main areas of study of the TAPE technology working group are: (1) storage of digital AV materials, (2) metadata, in particular technical metadata for preservation, and (3) workflow.

The technology working group also provides expert input for the TAPE bibliographical database and for training material and guidelines. They review existing literature and will develop new, practical recommendations where necessary.

Audio and video carriers by Dietrich Schüller
The text systematically describes recording principles, storage and handling, maintenance of equipment, format and equipment obsolence, for each type of carrier, and includes a list of recommended reading. It provides a solid, non-technical introduction for all those professionally managing sound and video collections. The overview is a full text version of presentations used in TAPE workshops by Dietrich Schüller and Albrecht Haefner (PDF 330 KB)

The Digital Black Hole, by Jonas Palm
This article presents an analysis of costs for digitizing and long-term storage at the Riksarkivet (National Archives, RA) in Stockholm, Sweden. This example includes forecasts of cost development for the next few years which may help other institutions in analysing their own costs and budgeting for long-term storage (article in PDF 445 KB).