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Train the trainers
‘Conventional’ preservation of audiovisual materials is already quite complex, and the new possibilities offered by digitization are only beginning to be explored and understood. Choosing the best option in every individual case assumes a thorough understanding of technological implications and of the (potential) use of collections. Most heritage and research institutions have little or no experience with digitization of audiovisual materials, and opportunities for continued training of nonspecialist professionals in this area are few and far between.

On the basis of the findings of the initial study TAPE aims to develop a framework for further training. A programme for short continued training courses and events at European and national/regional level will be defined by a group of experts from major audiovisual institutions, training institutes and cultural institutions. These training events should be of a type that can be organized independently by a large institution and should be addressed at an audience of nonspecialists.

From 12-18 February 2005 the Train the trainers meeting was held in Rome. The meeting was hosted by the Reproduction, Binding and Restoration Centre for the State Archives of Italy (CFLR).

Train the trainers meeting
- Summary and conclusions of the meeting in Rome (PDF)
- Introducing TAPE by Yola de Lusenet (PDF)