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Short guidelines for video digitisation
Written by Franz Pavuza

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Presentation of audiovisual materials
Report of the TAPE Expert Meeting Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin 24-25 January 2008.
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Audiovisual research collections and their preservation

Written by Dietrich Schüller
This report looks at the situation of audiovisual research collections and their specific issues. It discusses the particular requirements for access and re-use, focusing on the potential of digitization for creating distributed content-based archives.
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Tracking the reel world
Written by Edwin Klijn and Yola de Lusenet
'Tracking the reel world' presents the results of a study on audiovisual collections based on data collected from hundreds of organizations from all over Europe. This is the first extensive report on preservation and access of sound and moving image materials outside the broadcasting sector and large audiovisual archives. The report shows that a rich diversity of audiovisual materials are held in all types of institutions, but that obstacles in managing them are experienced by many.

Audio and video carriers
Written by Dietrich Schüller
This report describes the recording principles, storage and handling issues, maintenance of equipment, format and equipment obsolence, for each type of carrier and includes a list of recommended reading.

Digitisation workflow for analogue open reel tapes
Written by Juha Henriksson & Nadja Wallaszkovits.
A step by step approach for the production of digital copies from analogue tapes from a technical point of view. It contains references to other literature and many detailed photographs.
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The Digital Black Hole
Written by Jonas Palm, head of preservation of the Riksarkivet (National Archives of Sweden). It presents an analysis of costs for digitizing and long-term storage.

acetate deformation/spoking effect
Acetate deformation /spoking effect  
Photograph from: Digitisation workflow for analogue open reel tapes (©Phonogrammarchiv, Vienna)