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Survey on long-term access to audiovisual collections
The foundation for further work will be a study of the present situation, combining desk research, input from technical experts and a survey among heritage and research institutions in Europe. The survey will expressly target institutions that are not labelled audiovisual archives but that still hold audiovisual materials.

The data from the survey will be combined with desk research, case studies and reports from working visits in an accessible, non-technical report for wide dissemination. Topics covered will include: (1) the present situation of audiovisual collections in European institutions, (2) preservation issues, (3) access and descriptive systems, (4) training, (5) the role of digitization and future directions. The report will assess the urgency for preservation and digitization and will relate perceived needs of institutions to possible strategic solutions, ranging from centralized large-scale approaches to low-cost local solutions.

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Tracking the reel world
Edwin Klijn and Yola de Lusenet
In 2005 TAPE carried out the survey on long-term access to audiovisual collections. Almost 400 responses were received from: museums, libraries, archives, academic institutes, documentation centres, local radio stations, societies, company archives and private collectors all over Europe. ‘Tracking the reel world’ presents the results of this survey.

The report shows that a rich diversity of audiovisual materials are held in all types of institutions, but that obstacles in managing them are experienced by many. Valuable and often unique recordings run the risk of being left behind. The promise digitization holds for easy access and survival of endangered materials can be fulfilled only with more support for minority collections in their transition to the digital world.

The report is available in PDF and as a hard copy.
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Anyone requesting a single hard copy will receive this free of charge by sending an email to: anne.muller@bureau.knaw.nl

The TAPE Survey Factsheet (PDF, 750 kB) presents tables summarizing the data collected through this questionnaire. Responses have been accumulated, corrected and standardized. For instance, respondents gave estimates of amounts of material or carriers in hours, copies or titles; this has all been converted to hours.