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  Author(s) Klijn, E. , Lusenet, Y. de
  Editor Boston, G.
  Book title Tracking the reel word. A survey of audiovisual collections in Europe
  Place of publication Amsterdam
  Year of publication 2008
  Publisher Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe (TAPE)
  Pages 166
  ISBN 978-90-6984-546-3
  Language English
  Abstract Study on the situation of audiovisual materials kept in all kinds of organizations outside broadcasting and outside the major national audiovisual institutes. Based on data collected through a questionnaire filled out by almost 400 respondents, it integrates these with background information, explanations, and numerous references to present a complete and coherent picture of the position of audiovisual collections.
  URL http://www.tape-online.net/docs/tracking_the_reel_world.pdf

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