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Recommended literature: detail

  Author(s) [Media Matters LLC]
  Book title Digital video preservation reformatting project. A report.
  Place of publication Washington DC
  Publisher Dance Heritage Coalition
  Pages 111
  Language English
  Abstract Magnetic video tape has been widely used to record dance history but 'in fact, analog videotape is as ephemeral as dance itself'.The US Dance Heritage Coalition commissioned this study of technology requirements for transfer of video to digital. The report includes a clear explanation of lossless/lossy compression, wrappers, and codecs, and describes tests done with different codecs (including MJPEG2k) on dance footage. The conclusion is that JPEG2000 is the only format that meets preservation requirements but that there are still obstacles (in 2004) for its application.
  URL www.danceheritage.org/preservation/DigitalVideoPreservation1.pdf

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