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Recommended literature: detail

  Title Moving History: Towards a Policy for the UK Moving Image Archives. I
  Author(s) [Film Archives Forum]
  Year of publication 2000
  Publisher Film Archives Forum
  Pages 3
  Language English
  Abstract A statement of principles that sets out ten principles as the basis of a policy for the public sector moving image archives in the UK. The principles are concerned with the care of cinefilm, video and other moving image archives as a specialist activity within the wider archival community; the co-ordination of policy between such archives; the need for supportive legislation; standards for acquisition, preservation, documentation and access; the use of these archives in teaching, learning and research; the archival qualifications and experience of those managing the archives; funding; and ethics. Part I presents the ten principles in summary form.
  URL http://www.bufvc.ac.uk/faf/mh.pdf

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