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Recommended literature: detail

  Author(s) Bradley, K.
  Book title Risks associated with the use of recordable CDs and DVDs as reliable storage media in archival collections - strategies and alternatives
  Place of publication Paris
  Year of publication 2006
  Publisher UNESCO
  Pages 29
  Language English
  Second language French
  Abstract Ever since its introduction in the early 1990s the recordable CD (CD-R) - and later the recordable DVD - has been attractive to archivists, librarians and curators of museum collections as a digital preservation target media. Around 2000, however, when the race to ever higher recording speeds was fully developed, sound archives started to take a more critical look at these media. This report aims to provide detailed guidance on managing the risks associated with storing archival data on recordable CD and DVD. It addresses what appears to be a gap in the literature of archival data management; that is the identification of the risk of failure in recordable CD and DVD. It recommends a strategy to reduce that risk through error measurement and appropriate management. Some limited advice regarding storage and handling is also provided.
  URL http://www.unesco.org/webworld/risk

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