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  Title Preserving Visual Recordings at a Library of Animal Behavior, Part 1: From Submitted Media to Archival Masters
  Author(s) Dantzker, M.
  Journal/series RLG DigiNews
  Year of publication 2004
  Publisher Research Libraries Group (RLG)
  ISSN 1093-5371
  Language English
  Abstract In 2000, the directors of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology decided to add moving images to their Library of Natural Sounds. By that time, the sound library had been building for more than 70 years and had become the world's largest archive of animal sounds. The decision to add video and film to the world-renowned audio archive expanded the mission of the Library toward the archival of animal behavior recordings writ large. The author was charged with designing an analogous archival protocol for moving images, and then unify the media types under a single media asset management (MAM) solution with an integrated online distribution interface. This article describes the archival method for the ingestion and storage of video and the MAM strategy.
  URL http://www.rlg.org/en/page.php?Page_ID=17661#article1

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