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Recommended literature: detail

  Author(s) Enticknap, Leo
  Book title Moving Image Technology
  Year of publication 2005
  Publisher Wallflower Press
  Pages 208
  ISBN 1-904764-07-X
  Language English
  Abstract This text provides a thorough introduction into the history and theory of moving image film, video, sound recording and allied technologies. The author explains scientific, technical and engineering concepts clearly, using language that can be understood by non-scientists. Enticknap Integrates a discussion of traditional film-based technologies with the impact of emerging 'new media' technologies such as digital video, e-cinema and the Internet. This is a book designed for students with some technological knowledge studying the humanities who have an interest in becoming better versed in moving image technology. Leo Enticknap is director of the Northern Region Film and Television Archive, based at the University of Teesside in Middlesborough, UK.

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