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Recommended literature: detail

  Title Bibliothèques numériques audiovisuelles. Des enjeux scientifiques et techniques
  Author(s) Bachimont, B
  Place of publication Bry sur Marne
  Year of publication 1998
  Publisher Institut National de lAudiovisuel (INA)
  Language French
  Abstract Two major evolutions occurs today in audiovisual affairs : on one hand, audiovisual contents are more and more considered to be valuable documents of highhest patrimonial and cultural interest. On the other hand, digital technologies are today pervasive in the technical audiovisual system. In particular access and consultation tools of audiovisual documents are deeply modified by those technics. As a result, we face now with the new problem of building and managing vaste bases made up of digital audiovisual documents. This problem motivates technical and scientific issues that are not yet well understood. This paper proposes some of these issues and shows how they come from the very nature of audiovisual and how digital technics can contribute to solve them. KEY WORDS: audiovisual, digital document, MPEG-7, semiotics, SGML, extraction.
  URL http://www.utc.fr/~bachimon/Publications_attachments/Bachimont-Biblios-AV.pdf

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