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Recommended literature: detail

  Title Digitizing TV and Radio Archives: supporting scholarship by providing new means of access to audiovisual documents
  Author(s) Auffret, G , PriĆ©, Y , Bachimont, B
  Year of publication 1999
  Publisher Annual Conference of the Association for History and Computing (UK branche)
  Language English
  Abstract As the AV production chain becomes fully digital and as AV documents are finally being regarded as a valuable part of the cultural heritage to be investigated by scholars, providing computer aided reading environments based on emerging standards and allowing efficient work on digital AV material is a major challenge for AV archives. As a consequence, INA and LISI are setting up new systems for accessing and working with AV documents for academic purposes. These systems are based on formal representations of the content of AV documents which are created using structure encoding methodologies and formal ontologies of descriptors. They are implemented in prototypes and parts of them are submitted to international standardization.
  URL http://www.kcl.ac.uk/humanities/cch/drhahc/ahc/abst40.htm

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