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  Title Legal deposit of AV-material in Sweden
  Author(s) Allerstrand, S.
  Place of publication Riga
  Year of publication 2004
  Language English
  Abstract Legal deposit of printed material has a long tradition in Sweden. The first provision came into force in 1661. Since 1979 the Legal Deposit Act also includes audiovisual material: phonograms, videograms, films, radio and television broadcasts etc. The National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (SLB) is responsible for the audiovisual part of the legal deposit collection. The paper gives a description of the present legal deposit regulations and a Presentation of the SLBA. The experiences of acquisition, cataloguing and preservation of audiovisual material on a large scale is discussed.
  URL http://www.ltv.lv/seminars/files/legal_deposit.ppt

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