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Recommended literature: detail

  Author(s) [Project Film Restoration & Conservation Strategies (FIRST)]
  Book title State of the art reports of the project Film Restoration & Conservation Strategies (FIRST)
  Place of publication Brussels
  Year of publication 2003
  Publisher Project Film Restoration & Conservation Strategies (FIRST)
  Pages 302
  Language English
  Abstract The objective of the FIRST project is to bring together different stakeholders in order to improve knowledge of archive film, its transfer, its restoration, preservation, cataloguing and distribution in the digital domain. This publication contains 5 state of the art reports by the five working groups on: archival film digitisation; restoration by digital processes for different purposes; storage technologies and policies of digitised archives; cataloguing and retrieval of digitised film archives with focus on on-line management and retrieval; strategies for distribution and access of digitised archive material with focus on on-line management and delivery.

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