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Recommended literature: detail

  Title Preservation Strategy for Acetate Film Collections Based on Environmental Assessment and Condition Survey
  Author(s) Bigourdan, J-L. , Reilly, J. M.
  Editor Clark, S.
  Book title Care of Photographic Moving Image & Sound Collections. Conference papers, July 20-24, 1998
  Place of publication Leigh, U.K.
  Year of publication 1999
  Publisher Institute of Paper Conservation
  Abstract The preservation of moving images on photographic film is a prime concern today. The serious problems of decay of cellulose triacetate films are well known to film archivists. The development of an adequate conservation approach remains a challenge. Jean-Louis Bigourdan and James M. Reilly from the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) worked on a preservation strategy for acetate film based on an environmental assessment and condition survey. They investigated the effectiveness of both the climate-controlled macroenvironment and the microenvironment. At room temperature, they found that tight enclosures had a detrimental effect on film stability. However, open enclosures did not significantly reduce the acid content of the acetate base film. Microenvironments created by absorbents or low preconditioned RH were found to extend the longevity by a factor of three to four. Macroenvironments using low temperatures showed greater potential to improve film stability than did microclimates. The studies demonstrated the utility of the TWPI (Time-Weighted Preservation Index) in evaluating the efficiency of a storage area.

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